Frame Repair Services

If you car was in an accident chances are your car’s frame can be damaged or bent. This means that the structure of your vehicle is unaligned. Our auto frame analysis equipment can let you know if your frame is bent. We only use state-of-the art equipments to restructure your frame back to it’s original shape set by manufacturer.

If My Frame is Bent – Should I Get it Fixed?

If your frame is bent it may not be noticeable and you may not feel the need to get it fixed. Although, a bent frame can potentially lead to further damage to your vehicle. It’s best to get the problem fixed early on to ensure the life of your vehicle.

Some Signs of A Bent Car Frame

  • If you have trouble opening or closing the doors or trunk of your vehicle.
  • If you see any visible gaps between the hood, fenders or door jams of your vehicle.
  • If there is any difficulty steering or your car’s alignment seems off.

Auto Frame Services

  • Auto Frame analysis
  • Auto Frame restructuring/repair